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Bullpen Summer Baseball Camp

The Bullpen Baseball School will be hosting A three-day Summer Camp in coordination with Surrey Canadian minor baseball.

                Age      : 8 - 12  
                Date  :   July 16 - 18 OR August 6 - 8
                Time  : 9:00 - 12:00 noon  
                Place :  Lionel Courchene park, Surrey  
                Cost      : $130.00 (3-day camp)

This Camp will be an excellent opportunity for all players to extend their season and to enjoy some extra time on the ball field learning the finer points of the game from two / three very qualified bullpen instructors. Each three-hour camp will be held to a maximum of only 25 students as well.


Topics Covered:

* Hitting; make more consistent contact, and also hit for more power    
* Pitching / Throwing; proper mechanics for better control, and how to throw for more velocity. Learning to throw correctly at an early age is crucial to player development, and cuts down on the risk of arm injuries in later years. 
* Many Different Drills; to practice what is being shown.
* Base Running; learn how to round the bags in the most efficient manner. Plus, lead-offs, and stealing..age specific
* Fielding; proper form regarding the fielding of g/b & f/b    

 There would be a game played between the participants on the last two days, for 30 minutes.


Please fill out an online registration form at: