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Return to Play Plan - updated March 25, 2021

By Webmaster, 03/25/21, 12:15PM PDT





SCBA has assessed the risks at the ballpark facilities where there may be risks, either through close physical proximity or through contaminated surfaces. The closer together individuals are and the longer they are close to each other, the greater the risk.

 SCBA have identified areas where people typically gather.

  • Parking lots
  • Washroom/Concession
  • Paved pathways
  • Bleachers
  • Batting Cage

SCBA have identified situations and processes where individuals are close to one another or members of the public.

  • Arriving at park and leaving their cars
  • Departure, back in parking lot before they depart
  • Spectator areas (bleachers, hillsides) if allowed
  • Washroom line up
  • Concession line up (if open)
  • Paved pathways that people walk to and from individual diamonds

SCBA have identified the equipment that may be shared by individuals.

  • Umpiring equipment
  • Catcher’s equipment
  • Bases
  • Baseballs
  • Field Maintenance equipment (field marking machine, rakes, shovels, tractors)
  • Equipment storage / locks and keys
  • Scoreboard controls
  • Scorebooks, pitch count devices
  • Batting Tees
  • L-screens
  • Pitching machines

SCBA have identified surfaces that people touch often.

  • Baseballs
  • Baseball equipment - general
  • Washroom surfaces
  • Concession counter (if open)
  • Scoreboard controller
  • Field marking machine, rakes, shovels



SCBA has implemented protocols to minimize the risks of transmission, guided by the following:

  • Orders, guidance, and notices issued by the provincial health officer
  • viaSport - updates will also be posted at
  • Baseball BC
  • BC Minor Baseball Association
  • City of Surrey

First level protection (elimination): Limit the number of people and ensure physical distance whenever possible / Measures in place

  • SCBA is following viaSport Return to Play guidelines Return to Play Guidelines.
  • We enter 2021 in Phase 2.
  • SCBA is following City of Surrey directives with respect to field permits and spectators
  • SCBA has established maximum participant numbers for each division per activity session
  • SCBA has established maximum coaches allowed on field for each division per activity session
  • SCBA has established and posted occupancy limits for washrooms (1 at a time) for both male/female washroom
  • All on field activities will include appropriate physical distancing (3 metres) for all players / coaches during activity session
  • All coaches / umpires will wear masks for on field activities whenever it is impossible to maintain 3 metres physical distance from any players, or each other.
  • SCBA has implemented measures to keep participants and others at least 3 metres apart, including one-way movement, wherever possible
  • SCBA has implemented limits on spectators per activity session ; currently, NO SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED.
  •  SCBA has established Covid-19 Batting Cage guidelines for indoor Training that include:
    • Mandatory masks for all players / coaches
    • 10 players 3 coaches max at a time, no parents or other, no gathering at doors, no one in office
    • no cleats, snacks, spits, gums allowed. Water ok
    • Keep door ajar for air circulation, ideally both.
    • Activity sessions reduced to 50 mins to allow for extra time for sanitization of equipment and to give players a chance to clear out before the next group arrives
    • Players to enter cage only when clear of previous team and allowed by their coach
    • No sharing of equipment
    • Hand sanitizer when coming in and before leaving; sanitize baseballs before new group comes.
    • attendance record to be completed at every practice for contact tracing, must be kept on hand by coaching staff for 30 days


Second level protection (engineering): Barriers and partitions / Measures in place

  • SCBA will install barriers where volunteers are not able to keep physically distant from other volunteers, participants, parents or others in Concession prior to any opening of facility


Third level protection (administrative): Rules and guidelines / Measures in place

  • SCBA has identified rules and guidelines for how participants, coaches, volunteers, spectators should conduct themselves
  • SCBA has clearly communicated these rules and guidelines through a combination of training and signage
  • SCBA has created a place on SCBA website for all COVID-19 info to be posted
  • SCBA will take attendance at all activity sessions and keep accurate records of participation to assist in any public health tracing efforts
  • SCBA will limit the sharing of equipment, and when necessary, will ensure it is sanitized between uses by others
  • Equipment allocations for each team will contain hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray
  • Scoreboard controls will be handed out with disinfectant wipes if required for game play
  • SCBA will keep the Concession closed during Phase 2 activity sessions
  • Baseballs will be sanitized after each activity session – no more baseballs will be in use than are necessary
  • All SCBA activity sessions will take place only at Lionel Courchene Park (Mosquito), Lionel Courchene Park or Unwin Park (Peewee), Lionel Courchene Park or Unwin Park (Bantam), Holly Park or Unwin Park (Midget) - non-essential travel is not permitted in Phase 2.
  • The Baseball BC General Health and Personal Hygiene Guidelines have been adopted that require SCBA to:
    • Disinfectant wipe down of all surfaces athletes can be exposed to before every event
    • Anyone displaying ANY illness symptoms MUST NOT attend
    • Reminder to all participants daily to avoid touching of eyes, nose, or mouth
    • No sharing of water bottles
    • No sharing of food of any kind
    • No spitting
    • No chewing gum or sunflower seeds
    • No sharing of any personal equipment or items
    • Ride sharing to be discouraged whenever possible
    • All participants encouraged to disinfect their equipment after each event
    • All participants encouraged to wash all clothing and selves after each event


Fourth level protection: Using masks

  •  SCBA has reviewed the information on selecting and using masks and instructions on how to use a mask
  • SCBA will train individuals on the proper use of masks (if applicable)
  • Masks and gloves will be mandatory for all staff / volunteers if we are able to open Concession
  • Masks will be mandatory for any indoor baseball activity (batting cage)
  • Masks are mandatory in any first aid situation
  • All coaches / umpires will wear masks for on field activities whenever it is impossible to maintain 3 metres physical distance from any players, or each other


Reduce the risk of surface transmission through effective cleaning and hygiene practices

  • SCBA has reviewed the information on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
  • Washrooms are equipped for proper handwashing
  • Additional handwashing locations will be considered if washroom access does not provide adequate service levels
  • SCBA has communicated good hygiene practices to participants, coaches, volunteers, etc.
  • SCBA has implemented cleaning protocols for all common areas and surfaces
  • SCBA staff /volunteers who are cleaning have adequate training and materials


Cleaning protocols

  • Washrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily Monday – Friday, and twice daily on weekends
  • Each team will have a volunteer identified for each activity session who will be responsible for the cleaning and sanitization of all shared equipment including baseballs
  • Coaches will be responsible to ensure that baseballs are sanitized between activity sessions
  • Coaches or volunteers will be responsible for weekly sanitization of all field maintenance equipment including rakes, shovels, screens, field marking machines
  • Disinfectant wipes will be available to all coaches and volunteers to wipe down equipment prior to using it
  • If Concession opens during Phase 3, Concession staff will ensure the thorough cleaning and sanitization of the Concession facility daily Monday – Friday, and twice daily on weekends




  • SCBA policies ensure that volunteers and others showing symptoms of COVID-19 are prohibited from participating in sport activities.
  • All Board approved policies are posted on SCBA website under SCBA COVID-19 tab including:
    • COVID-19 Safety Plan
    • COVID-19 First Aid / Outbreak Emergency Response Plan
    • COVID-19 Illness and Wellness Screening Policy
  • All parents and players 13-older have signed the B.C. Minor Baseball Association (BCMBA) DECLARATION OF COMPLIANCE: COVID-19
  • All parents have signed the B.C. Minor Baseball Association (BCMBA) Youth Participant Waiver.



SCBA will ensure that everyone participating in the sport activity knows how to keep themselves safe while participating.

  • All participants have received the policies for staying home when sick
  • SCBA will post signage at the parks, including occupancy limits and effective hygiene practices
  • SCBA will post directional signage for any one-way routes to encourage physical distancing
  • SCBA will post signage indicating who is restricted from participating, including visitors and workers with symptoms.
  • Coaches and volunteers will be trained on monitoring participants to ensure policies and procedures are being followed



SCBA understands that things may change as baseball activity resumes and operates. Provincial Health Officer direction can cause SCBA to have to pivot its policies and procedures. If we identify a new area of concern, or if it seems like something is not working, SCBA will take steps to update our policies and procedures.

  • SCBA has a plan in place to monitor risks.
  • SCBA will make changes to our policies and procedures, as necessary. Individuals know who to go to with health and safety concerns.
  • When resolving safety issues, SCBA will involve designated health and safety members of the community



SCBA will assess and address risks from resuming operations given the baseball facilities have not been operating since October. SCBA may need to manage risks arising from resuming baseball activities.

  • SCBA has a training plan for new staff, coaches, volunteers.
  • SCBA has a training plan for staff, coaches, volunteers taking on new roles or responsibilities.
  • SCBA has a training plan around changes to our business/programming.
  • SCBA has identified a safe process for cleaning and removing things that have been out of use and not required for return to play.