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2023 BC Minor Baseball Coaches Caravan

BC Minor Baseball Coaches Caravan FAQ


Sunday, March 26 @ Lionel Courchene Park


  • 1:00 PM 7U/9U
  • 2:30 PM 11U/13U


This is open to coaches, players and parents from Pee Wee age down.

It’s a great opportunity for the younger players, coaches and parents to learn some drills and have fun doing it.

This is a free clinic put on by BC Minor and its coaches.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Pee Wee diamond.


How much does the Caravan Cost? 
There is no cost to the Caravan; the cost is covered as part of your membership dues.  

Who should attend? 
We strongly encourage, coaches, players, parents and association executives to participate. The Caravan is targeted at players aged 7U to 13U.  
We have the players, parents and coaches on the field working together with the Caravan coaches. The Caravan coaches work with coaches and parents to provide them with simple drills and games they can use at practice and at home with the players. The other aspect that the Caravan coaches message is the importance of positive, fun, dialogue around the game. 
The energy at the event is very upbeat and enthusiastic; it really is a great opportunity to kick off the season and a great opportunity for your membership to feel the value of being members of your local association. The more members you can get out, the more excitement you will build for the upcoming season. 
What type of equipment do I need to bring? 
The caravan brings their own equipment. However, players will need their gloves. Associations can also provide bownets and throw down bases if they have them 

How long is the event? 
The Caravan runs a total of 3hrs, we dedicate 90 minutes to the 7U/9U group and 90 minutes to the 11U/13U group.