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Catchment Area Map

NOTE: Per the rules of the B.C. Minor Baseball Association (our governing body), all players must register to play in the association whose catchment area they reside. The only exception is if the resident association does not offer the level (ie. Bantam AAA or Midget AAA) that the player is capable of playing.  Before Registering, please use this map to ensure you reside in SCBA's catchment.

Out of Catchment

If the player does not have residence within our catchment, parents must complete the Player Release Form from BC Minor and sign, then send to their home association (president) who will have to first approve the release.  If signed then the form is to be forwarded by the home association to who will still need BC Minor’s eligibility chair to approve.


Rep Teams Try-Outs

Out of catchment players just wanting to try out for one of our rep teams (AA or AAA in Bantam and younger, or summer/all-star season), need to follow the same process as above if all they want to do is tryout but if not selected they want to go back to their home association to play house league.  Midget AAA or College Prep does not require a release.