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Kathy Thomas Memorial Tournament

2017 Tournament Rules


The Official Rules of Baseball shall apply (Baseball Canada), except as modified by B. C. Minor Rules and the following rules:
  1. A team is allowed to place a maximum of 14 players and 2 coaches on roster. A dug out Mom or Dad or coach is also permitted. Each team must download and complete the team roster (available at the bottom of this page).
  2. 2 of the 14 players may be pickups from another team in your Association’s Division / A Tier only. Pickups must be identifiable by wearing their regular team’s uniform.
  3. All teams are expected to field their entire roster at each tournament game. Pickup players are not eligible to play in semi finals or final games if they have not participated in the round robin play.
  4. Fair Play - Each player must play at least 3 complete innings in a defensive position in a 7 inning game. (3 of 6 innings in 11U Mosquito)
  5. Every player bats, and the batting order remains the same throughout the game. Players removed from the game, due to injury or ejection, are removed from the batting order. 
  6. Unlimited defensive substitutions, except the pitcher, who may not re-enter as pitcher. 
  7. 10 run mercy rule after 5 or more equal innings, in all divisions. 
  8. 4 run limit per half inning in 13U & 15U (PeeWee and Bantam) divisions, except last inning which is to be declared open. Additional runs that score on the play in which the fourth run is made shall not be counted.  For Mosquito division, the first two innings will have a 2 run limit, innings 3,4,5 will have a 4 run limit, and the last inning is to be declared open. You DO NOT need to pitch your first two innings with a 1st year 11U mosquito player
  9.  No new inning to be started after 2 hours from scheduled start, unless start is delayed due to weather or schedule delay. 
  10. Semi finals and finals will have no time limit. 
  11. Tied games: Maximum one extra inning to break tie - if time limit allows. 
  12. Round robin standing - tie breaking format - as per BCMBA Rule 28. 
  13. Home team decided by coin toss prior to game (except semi finals) unless indicated otherwise on schedule. Home team must occupy 3rd base dugout. (Check in early for coin toss.) 
  14. Teams are expected to show up rain or shine, unless notified by the Tournament or Assistant Director.  
  15.  Pitching rules: 
Balks will be called in 13U & 15U (Peewee and Bantam). Pickup players are eligible to pitch, however call ups from a lower division are not eligible to pitch.
15U (Bantam):
o in accordance with BCMBA Rule 23
• 1-35 pitches = no rest
• 36-65 pitches = 2 nights rest
• 66-85 pitches = 3 nights rest
13U (Peewee):
o in accordance with BCMBA Rule 23
• 1-35 pitches = no rest
• 36-55 pitches = 2 nights rest
• 56-75 pitches = 3 nights rest
11U (Mosquito):
o in accordance with BCMBA Rule 23 
• 1-25 pitches = no rest
• 26-40 pitches = 2 nights rest
• 41-55 pitches = 3 nights rest
• 56-65 pitches = 4 nights rest 
• 66-75 pitches = 5 nights rest
• 75 pitches maximum in a day
  1. Pitching Days 
    1. Pitch counts only on Thursday will be counted to have occurred on Saturday to create a more level playing field for all teams in the playoffs
    2. Pitch counts only on Friday will be counted to have occurred on Sunday to create a more level playing field for all teams in the playoffs
    3. Pitching days only remain the same to satisfy BC minor rule 23.03
    4. In no circumstances shall a pitcher exceed his inning limitations or violate the nights rest rules, regardless of the effect of this administrative device. 
  2. Home run line to be used for 11U (Mosquito). (No fence) Fair hit that passes line in flight is a home run. If it touches ground before passing line, it is a ground rule double. A catch must be made with both feet inside the line.
  3. Safety bag to be used at 1st base in 11U (Mosquito). The batter runner must touch only the outside square (orange) of the safety bag at 1st base if a play is being made on him. The fielder must touch only the inside square (white) to effect an out. The batter runner may touch the inside (white) square if advancing to 2nd base.
  4. Wild pitches - 11U (Mosquito) only. If a pitcher hits 2 batters in an inning or 3 in a game, he must be replaced, unless the Umpire determines that the batter could have avoided being hit through reasonable effort.
  5. Ending play - 11U (Mosquito) only. 
  • Once the catcher has possession of the ball in fair territory, any baserunner between 3rd base and home who stops advancing must return to 3rd base and remain there until the next pitch has crossed home plate.
  • Once the pitcher is in contact with the rubber with the ball in his possession, any base runner who stops running, must return to the previous base and remain there until the next pitch has crossed home plate.
  • If any opposing player chooses to throw the ball in an attempt to put the runner out, this rule is not in effect and the runner may attempt to advance.